Author of over 100 books across 15 categories, scriptwriter, songwriter, and ghostwriter. From childhood, Darick Spears processed the world through his notebook.  

Darick was born with a mind constantly on the move — dreaming up new ideas, analyzing the world around him, and making magic from the mundane.  

He didn’t know how to communicate his musings to the people around him.  So, he turned to a place of no restriction and no judgment — his notebook.  

Acclaimed as America’s Most Creative Writer, since that day, Darick has explored expression in a myriad of different mediums.  From books to plays to films (4 streaming on Amazon Prime), hip-hop albums (25+), and instrumental albums; Darick’s career has been prolific enough to fill an entire bookstore of his own work.   

His bookstore and creative space in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Darick Books; The first bookstore of its kind, is a testament to his expertise in creativity, which he is now using to assist others in developing their work. Through his foundation The Darick Books Edutainment Foundation Inc. Darick focuses on Entrepreneurship workshops, community building and more. 


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As an Author/Entrepreneur, I pride myself in coaching other serial authors to reaching the next level–where they can create a business out of authorship. I also love to help others become authors, entrepreneurs, and more.

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