The One Love Project Lyric Book (Hardcover)


The One Love Project Lyric Book (Hardcover)

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Exclusive Hardcover Limited Edition


Front Cover Photo shot by Steve Crawley. For the first time, Darick DDS Spears opens his lyric book and breaks down his Independent Grammy-Recognized album "The One Love Project," which includes the Global Peace-Award Nominated song "Cop Killuz." This Hip Hop album is an audio-visual album that captures the social issues in the United States which include: police brutality, the hustler's crisis, spirituality, and more. When have you known an artist to put out a book taking you through the entire journey of making an album, showing the lyrics to each track, and the story behind each song? Darick DDS Spears is a trailblazer, and this is just the first of many Lyric Book's that he will share with the world. Darick's Independent Label "Elevator Muzik Group," elevates the mind, body, and souls of its listeners. Through his Independent Book Publishing Company "The 21st Century Shakespears," he has been pushing out several real-life books that motivate each reader. This is the new addition to his catalog.

Publisher: Darick Books LLC. (May 27, 2021)
Language: English
Hardcover: 85 pages

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